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Sometimes you want a home where you can really get away from it all. Andrews Chapel is exactly that kind of place. Built on more than 1,500 acres, this heritage home is located in the middle of South Georgia. It’s a family hunting lodge with plenty of privacy, peace and quiet — the ideal rustic escape.


Andrews Chapel has everything you’d want in a country abode. For starters, it overlooks a 30-acre lake. But the lake is more than just a beautiful waterside view (and it really is beautiful) — the lake also serves as an energy source for the entire property via the hydro generator.

andrews chapel

The home itself actually looks more like a log cabin. But instead of wood, the home is made of solid concrete siding. Inside, all the rooms are finished with custom details that make each room and the people who live in them totally unique.

The home has countless custom features!

Custom tile, 12” stamped concrete that looks like hardwood in the basement, custom bunk beds, a large back deck, 12 accordion door, double vaulted living room, 100% custom cabinets


No detail was too small to be discussed in the construction of this gorgeous heritage home. So if it’s a custom country escape you’re looking for, we’ll build one for you that is truly one-of-a-kind. Who said living off the grid couldn't be luxurious too? Because they are most definitely incorrect.

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