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Design & Implementation

Ashley is your go-to guide in the organization and implementation of your home’s design. She’ll help you select the designs and finishes that perfectly express your vision. Not sure what you want exactly? No worries. Ashley can also offer plenty of suggestions based on her many years of experience to bring your vision to fruition.


Drafting & Design

Drawings of your custom home can serve as the first spark of magic in the building process — that’s where Lynsey comes in. From basic floor plan layouts and elevations to cabinetry design, 3D visualization and more — Lynsey will create a draft of your home exactly how you want it to be. Plus, her design drafts will also help ensure that everyone in the construction process stays on the same page  so your home is built to perfection at every stage.


VP of Sales

Adam is your first friend of many in your Summit journey. He’s your first point of contact and he’d love to hear your story and learn about all the things that you want your home to be. He’ll answer any questions you may have about our process to give you the clarity and confidence to choose Summit Design and Build to bring your dream home to life.


Project Manager

One of the great things about the Summit process is that you never have to worry if the vision of your custom home build has been lost or forgotten. This is thanks in large part to caring project managers like Greg. Meeting with vendors and subcontractors throughout the entire building process is his number one priority to make sure your home comes to life with all the uniqueness and character of your vision..


The stars are much closer at the summit...
Why not reach for them?

We’ve never built the same thing twice. It’s our mission to turn the house of your dreams into the home of your reality! Whether you're wanting a perfectly custom-tailored place, remodeling your current home, or need to upgrade your home's safety and function - we'll provide you with personalized service that leaves you feeling confident throughout the process. Our process is easy, our team is dedicated, and our mission is simple: to make your dream home come to life.

We’re proud to serve the greater Atlanta region by creating gorgeous, comfortable, and luxurious custom homes for those who dare to dream. Our local teams are ready to guide you through every step of the process to make the blueprint in your mind come to life before your very eyes.

We are ready to guide you through every step of the building process.

Home has always been a part of Brian’s story.  As a third-generation builder, he worked his way up in the world of fine craftsmanship — starting by working for his grandfather. Everything he learned, he kept close, and he quickly realized what it takes to build something great.


Soon he began working on bigger and better projects, all the while fine-tuning his craft and sharpening his eye for fine quality. Eventually, he started leading construction teams of his own — putting his hands and heart into the creation and construction of everything from hospitals and air force bases and even the Georgia Aquarium.


But as he looked out at the skyline of all the beautiful things he helped build thus far, he realized something — he longed for home. Life on the road had taught him so much in the world of construction, but he wanted to build something truly of his own. It was then that Brian knew what he had to do next.


In 2007 he founded Summit Design Build, LLC. And it’s no coincidence that Brian’s need to come home sparked Summit to life. With his wife Ashley designing for Summit and two little girls of their own — he knows what it means to have a place of your own to call home. That’s why he’ll be directly involved in all parts of the process for your home too.

Green Certified & Unrestricted General Contractor
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